Startup Planning

Because CPAs have seen, first hand, many businesses succeed and fail they are good resources for helping you evaluate a new business idea. They can also help you get a grasp on what will be needed in order for your idea to succeed and help you establish a good business plan. With adequate planning your ideas have a much better chance of succeeding.

If you are looking for financial assistance, lenders will expect you to be very organized and are often difficult to convince that your idea is a good one. I can assist you in organizing your ideas and can help you prepare things like forecasted financial statements.

CPAs can also be very useful in helping you select which entity type (LLC, Partnership, Corporation, S-corporation, Sole-proprietor) would best fit your business. After choosing an entity type, a CPA can also help you in filing all the necessary paper work to get it going.

Decision Making

Throughout the course of your business, you'll find yourself in a position were a business solution has more than one alternative (i.e. whether to buy or lease assets, financing options, timing of purchases, sales of large assets, etc.). Because CPAs are very familiar with tax law and present value calculations, they can help you evaluate the different alternatives available to you.

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