Registering Your Domain Name

Even if you are not ready to jump onto the internet, you should secure your domain name before someone else beats you to it. It only cost about $10/year. If you would like to secure your domain name, I think it would be a good idea to call soon to secure your domain name now.

Website Design - Upfront Cost

Website designs are pretty much limited only by the imagination. They start at $480 and are designed to work with OBS Web Manager. OBS Web Manager supports bi-lingual websites as well as multi-media types (i.e. Computer Screen, Handhelds like PDAs & Cell Phones, Printers, etc). OBS Web Manager allows you to keep your Website updated easily from your own computer saving you lots of money while keeping your website current with the least amount of effort. With a click of a button, your changes go from your finger tips directly to your website.

Website Annual Cost

Typically the largest cost of having a website is the annual cost. OBS Web Manager helps you keep these cost down by making it quick and easy to keep your website up-to-date from your own computer.

Keep your annual total website cost as low as $280 per year by enrolling for a Web Basic Package deal. The $280 includes everything you need to keep your site up and running with current information. It includes your annual domain registration fee, your annual hosting fee up to 250 megabytes of storage, and your annual OBS Web Manager software license.

Other Website Needs?

If you find that your needs do not neatly fit into the Web Basic Package deal, I am sure we can accommodate you. Please feel free to contact me today to talk about your website needs at no charge.

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