Payroll & Sales Taxes

You can either let us take care of your payroll and sales tax returns or I would be happy to provide training so that you can learn to prepare your own returns. In addition to preparing the returns, I am constantly answering/researching questions regarding payroll & sales tax issues. I have trained many bookkeepers to prepare their own returns. I would be happy to help you with any payroll or sales tax needs you may have.

Arizona Payroll Program

If you need help with running payroll or have special payroll needs, I have a Microsoft Access Database program that I can customize to take care of any of your Arizona payroll needs. This module is free to customers that I provide other services for and can be installed for others at a nominal price (setup/support plus $50/year). If you feel like you could benefit from a custom payroll solution, please call for a free phone consultation regarding your payroll needs.

Other Information Returns

You will find that there are plenty of other informational returns (i.e. Business Property Statements, Unclaimed Property, Business Licenses, ACC reports, and many others) that need to be done. I am familiar or can become familiar with any report that you may need done. If you need some assistance or just some quick phone advice, please feel free to contact me.

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