Automotive Industry

Now, more than ever, independent auto dealerships need solid advice regarding business and tax issues. I have been providing services for used car lots since 1997 and have accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge which I am constantly enhancing by subscribing to industry publications, attending national conferences, reading industry audit guides, reading Market Segment Specialization Programs for Used Car Dealerships published by the IRS, and subscribing to automotive industry alerts.

Dealership Management Software

Starting in 2005, I have had training in Dealer Management Software. If he is not familiar with your software, I will be more than happy to learn it on my own time and maybe even visit your software vendor's facilities for special training.

Topics covered on this website

There are many topics relating to the Automotive industry covered on this website; however, if you are looking for a specific topic and are having a difficult time finding it, please feel free to contact me (John Olin) to have the topic added to the content of this website.

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