New Hire Employee Forms

At a minimum you should have each new employee fill out these forms.

  • IRS W-4 Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate This form is used by the federal government to determine an employees federal withholding requirements. If you do not have this form on file and it is later determined that the employees withholding is incorrect, you could ultimately be responsible for those amounts even if not withheld from the employee.
  • Arizona A-4 Employee's Arizona Percentage Withholding Election This form is used by the Arizona Department of Revenue to determine an employees state withholding. As of July 1st, 2010 Arizona's method of calculating withholding will change from a percentage of federal withholding to a percentage of gross pay. Use this form to have employees select a percentage to be used in the new withholding calculation method.
  • United States I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification This form is used to verify employment. Have the employee fill out the top half. Then have the employee present the forms of identification (in accordance with the I-9 listing) and fill out the employer's section. It's not uncommon for employers to make copies of the IDs presented by the employee. At payroll conferences, speakers generally discourage this practice as photocopying IDs can expose you to liabilities relating to privacy issues.
  • New Hire Form

Quarterly Employment Forms

These are the commonly required quarterly employment reports and deposits.

  • IRS 941 Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return This report is used to report federal employment figures (including federal withholding tax, social security tax, and medicare tax) to the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Arizona A1-QRT Quarterly Withholding Tax Return This report is used to report Arizona employment figures (including state withholding tax) to the Arizona Department of Revenue.
  • DES UC-018 Arizona Quarterly Unemployment Tax Return This report is used to report Arizona unemployment figures to the Department of Economic Security (DES). DES is strongly discouraging employers from using a blank form. Between poor hand writing and clerical entry errors on their end, I'm sure they have plenty of posting errors. The pre-printed forms help reduce their entry errors; making it better for them and employers. Employers are taxed on the first $7,000 of wages for each employee at a rate that starts for new employers at 2%.
  • DES UC-020 Arizona DES Wage Listing When you need to list more employees than the Arizona DES Unemployment form has room for, use this wage listing. NOTE: If your computer software will print a listing for the quarter that has the employees' social security number, name, and wage total for the quarter, you can attach that listing as an alternative to this form.
  • Federal Unemployment Taxes Federal income tax deposits are normally deposited quarterly and are required when your cummlative liability exceeds $500. You make the deposit the same way as you make your other federal tax deposits (i.e. Form 8109 with a check to your bank, by phone, or
  • Workmens Compensation It's pretty common for workmens compensation insurance reports to be due on a quarterly basis. If you need a copy of this report, you need to call your insurance company.

Annual Employment Forms

These are the commonly required annual employment reports.

Other Items

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