2010 Az Paycheck Calculator - After June 30th

Effective July 1st, 2010 the state of Arizona changed the method to be used in calculating state withholding. Prior to July 1st withholding was calculated as a percentage of federal withholding, now the withholding is calculated as a percentage of gross wages.

Az % of Gross
Pension % of Gross

Paycheck Information

+Gross Pay
-Pension (PreTax)
-Health (PreTax)
-After Tax Deds
-Social Security
-Federal Withholding
-Arizona Withholding
=Net Pay

This paycheck calculator calculates in both directions: Enter the gross pay to calculate deductions to arrive at net pay or enter the net pay to "gross up" the paycheck. If you need any assistance with this calculator, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you do not want federal withholding just enter 999 in the Allowances box.

Social Security Wage Limit


Unless your YTD Social Security Wages is approaching $106,800, you do not need to fill this in. Enter your Social Security Year-To-Date Wages before the current paycheck.

Federal Notes

The federal withholding is based on the percentage method derived from Publication 15 (for use in 2010) issued in December of 2009.

Arizona Notes

Effective for wages paid after June 30th, 2010, the allowable percentages for Arizona are:

For those whose annual compensation will be $15,000 or more: 1.8%, 2.7%, 3.6%, 4.2%, 5.1%

For those whose annual compensation will be les than $15,000: 1.3%, 1.8%, 2.7%, 3.6%, 4.2%, 5.1%.

Other FWT Methods - Percentage

Fed % of Gross

Percentages are typically 25% - 35% for common methods that withhold a flat percentage of gross federal wages.

Other FWT Methods - Cumulative

YTD Wages
YTD Fed Withholding
YTD Pay Units
Annual Pay Units
Current Pay Units

An employee my ask you, in writing, to withhold tax on cumulative wages. While this method is an accepted method, the more conventional methods are preferred. See Rev. Proc. 78-8, 1978-1 C.B. 562, for an example of the cumulative method.

HOW TO USE THIS SECTION. This can be a very tricky calculation. The Units can be anything you want (i.e. pay periods, pieces, dollars, days, etc). Annual Pay Units are the total amount of units you expect to be in the entire year. Enter Year-To-Date amounts before the current paycheck. To calculate wages using a cumulative method, all above fields are required. If you wish to calculate wages using an annualized method, just enter Annual Pay Units and Current Pay Units.

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